my head is made up of memories; most of them useless delusions

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Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

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How I Met Your Mother characters as they were described in the original pilot script

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"If we’re faking it, would I do this?"

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I’m just excited and rambling okay but let’s say Danny really does have A Type and that Type is muscular, confident, smart but not smarter than him, and usually chill. And Stiles is EXACT OPPOSITE of all of that and Danny’s no stranger to how a crush feels which is why the way he feels about Stiles is confusing and upsetting. Like. Stiles KNOWINGLY associates with werewolves for fuck’s sake (scott’s a really nice werewolf, but still). He’s distracting in class, wears too much plaid, and smart in an unnerving way. Danny does not want to have a crush on Stiles. He was wants stiles to go back to being awkward and unattractive like in freshman year. So he ignores Stiles, or glares at Stiles, and/or is straight up rude to Stiles. Nothing works. Stiles keeps getting hotter, so hot Danny slips up and literally invites him into bed and barely gets away with saying it’s a joke.


And in the other corner, we have Stiles Stilinski, who thought maybe he sort of liked boys in theory at age eleven. Now, at seventeen, it’s being thrown in his face every time he turns around (I’ll do it and Do you?). And through it all, the lacrosse training the emissary training the grieving for his fallen friends, Danny is just sitting there. Looking like a dimpled sun god. A sun god that probably hates Stiles’ guts, but when has that stopped him before?

this is perfection and I need it *__*

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And yeah other people had thought it and even asked them once or twice but they brushed it off but now it's someone who hasn't known them since they were six too and didn't even see them together and fuck, are they dating? Because if they are stiles would like to get on the benefits part


uh, adding links here for continuity: (x) (x) (x)

Stiles is a little shit and a lot less brave than he wants to believe he is, at least when it comes to risking his relationship with Scott. So he goes to pick up coffee more often and chats with the barista a lot. And the barista is an absolute sap, they love all the cute couples on campus, but has a special soft spot for Scott and Stiles, so they register things like “oh, that’s Scott’s shirt, right? he likes how it looks on you, but don’t tell him I told you," or that "Scott would never tell you because he doesn’t want to be that kinda guy, but the girl you were talking too? I think she totally likes you, and Scott totally doesn’t like her,

and Stiles let’s-go-looking-for-a-body Stilinski doesn’t dare ask his best friend if he really is jealous of his History classmate or if he really does think that the green shirt looks good on him and he probably feels really fucking pathetic. In theory, it’s super easy. They already have the whole perfect romantic dynamic figured out, they go to the movies together all the time and know each other’s coffee orders and little quirks and wake each other up with breakfast and share half of their clothes. So, in theory, if all of this about Scott really liking him romantically too is true, Stiles just has to make the first move and they can add a lot of kissing to the mix and, yeah, that sounds awesome. He’s known he likes Scott since like, the beginning of Senior Year. But he keeps going over the possibility of the barista being wrong in their impression, and come on, Scott treats everyone like they are the best person in the universe, so maybe it’s just Scott being his usual too-loving-too-caring self. 

he’s thinking about all this one day, entering their building with the two coffees held precariously between his arm and his chest, and a lot of books in his hands, and he just stands in the hallway outside their dorm, going over it and trying (and failing) to give himself a peptalk. He’s muttering ‘god, Stilinski, you are such a freaking idiot,” when the door opens, and Scott has his eyebrows raised and terrible bed hair and a crooked smile and asks “how were you supposed to open the door like that?”

Scott probably looks at Stiles with a little worry, because he blushes and stammers and goes to drop the books on the bed and tries to apologize for the coffees being barely lukewarm by now, and his whole body language screams anxiety and hesitation. “Did something happen?” Scott asks, in his most calming tone, the soothing voice that Stiles knows is just for him. 

Stiles probably has to mentally slap himself and there is surely a voice in his head saying ‘come on, you already have the weird werewolf shit and near-death experiences so often that your life couldn’t be more like a weird teenage supernatural comedy even if you wanted. Best friends get together in those shows, right?' but yeah, he decides and takes the risk because he's always taken stupid risks and if he can jump from a third floor window or taunt a pissed off Alpha werewolf, he can surely talk about his feelings with his best friend, right? 

talking about feelings has never been his style, though, so instead he crosses the room in a second and takes a deep breath and hopes he isn’t fucking up and kisses Scott and Scott is probably taken aback for just the smallest tiny instant before kissing back, and it’s totally a weird teenage supernatural comedy kiss, and those are always spark-causing like-altering awesome kisses, and Stiles totally promises to not complain so much about the turn his life has taken after this.

they probably kiss a lot and then go get coffee together because theirs have gone cold, and the barista is delighted to finally see them together, but doesn’t understand why they leave the biggest tip in the universe. The coffee is excellent, as always, but the kisses make it 10000x times better.

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TCR | 2014.04.21

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posey was admiring the skittles fanart the person in front of me asked him to autograph, how amazing cool and scary it looked and then said “we look a little bit in love” to which matt and i replied “well aren’t you” and posey just shrugged and said “yeah”

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i dont need you

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