my head is made up of memories; most of them useless delusions


Please stand by while our rat Science crunches some numbers.

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favourite glee moments

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shameless + text

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I think it’s the way Dylan keeps reacting like he’s Posey’s biggest fan that really kills me.

Posey cartwheels on stage. Dylan looks ENDLESSLY ENTERTAINED AND IMPRESSED.

Posey makes the masturbating comment and while everyone else either facepalms or just laughs a bit, Dylan like, EXPLODES INTO LAUGHTER.

and these are just the two examples I’ve seen thus far.

I basically can’t handle it, I dunno.

(and yet there are people that insist on hating Posey as if that wouldn’t make Dylan dislike them greatly cough cough just saying) 

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"If today was your last day on earth, what would you do?"

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Tyler Posey & Dylan O’Brien | Teen Wolf Panel @ SDCC 2014.

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Dylan O’brien and Tyler Posey at the SDCC 2014

Dylan O’brien and Tyler Posey at the SDCC 2014

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I know your going to type it out later but I thought it was a regular like who do you like together with question with hoechlin giving the answer of Melissa and sheriff


ahhhhh nope! i think i’m going to answer this now? sorry to make it public! but it’s good to get it out there. this is my take on the last question of the panel, for anyone who’s interested, and fandom at cons in general:

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so i’m writing a really really awful Scott/Stiles/Malia/Kira series over at ao3

and i just started writing the third part but now i’m getting really self-conscious about it (the first two parts were both written while slightly intoxicated and this one i’m currently writing sober, so no liquid courage this time)

but there’s only like one other story of this ot4 and i feel like i’m doing a service by continuing it even though it’s shit


OH MY GOD I will disintegrate your self-consciousness in hot lava because I AM LOVING THAT SERIES SO MUUUUCH and yearn for more foreverrrrrr

…not to sound creepy or demanding or anything. It’s just great fic.

sincerely, a total stranger 

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