my head is made up of memories; most of them useless delusions


Still waiting for the New Girl/Mindy Project crossover episode where everyone isn’t in the episode except for Coach from New Girl and Peter from Mindy Project. It also guest stars Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Casey Wilson and Zachary Knighton and takes place in Chicago. Coach finds out he’s married to Eliza Coupe’s character and Peter finds out he’s gay.

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yeah, but what did you do there?

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Wait. I’m starting to question these loving nicknames.

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The cast of Happy Endings at Casey Wilson and David Caspe’s wedding


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"You are the person I love the most. And I always will.”

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Get To Know Me Meme » Favorite TV Shows [2/10]
  ↳ Happy Endings

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Dave, it’s a shower, bud. It’s not that hard. Let the water run for six seconds. Jump in. You got at least 30 seconds of decent temperate water, and then quarter-turn yourself to avoid the initial rust blast. Go back in for another 30 seconds. It’s like he’s never showered before! requested by ktotheirby

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