my head is made up of memories; most of them useless delusions

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I feel that the right people came together at the exact right time on the exact right network, and it kind of resulted in a show that played by its own rules. We kind of got to do whatever we wanted. We were a show that took you wherever we wanted to take you from week to week. It was a rare experience, where I think we were able to leave it all out on the field, and we had the support of our studio and our network, combined with the blessing of them maybe not entirely understanding what we were doing, which I think would often work to our advantage. As a result, we kind of got to make a show on our own terms, which is incredibly rare, and we got to do it for eight years. That’s extraordinary. - James Roday

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rambles about shassie college teacher/student au under the cut

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robin hood: men in tights (1993) | psych 5.10 (2010)

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zaxal said: yeah lol i hate hate hate that psychfic seems like a collective for psych fic but instead it’s only hetmance. it makes my blood boil tbh oh sorry am i going to get my bi little cooties all over ur precious canon :T

YES. It’s so frustrating. They act like shassie shippers must hate Jules and plan to kill her viciously in all their fics to make their ship work.

I love Jules. Shules is fine, but I ship shassie, why is that a problem?? And it shouldn’t be, but Abigail/Shawn is a thing there, so nice job with the homo/biphobia there, psychfic, you are not even trying to hide it.

It just seems so silly to completely block out a part of the fandom who ship slash pairings. Stahp.

it’s just all garbage.

i haven’t checked recently and i won’t give them more web traffic to do so but the rules used to be 1. no slash ships and no other sexually explicit content.

because it’s impossible to have a same-sex pairing and not mention all the gr8 sex they have all the time right. it’s not like there are same-sex pairings where one person is asexual or, gasp, maybe us little weirdos actually want h/c or fluff amidst all our raucous sodomy

what’s even better is that ‘no slash’ is, as far as i could tell, the only rule that’s actually enforced. in their site awards, they awarded an angst fic that included graphic heterosexual rape (female villain -> shawn) but no admin even felt the need to be like “yeah this breaks our rules”

and the het fans on this website, too, jumped up my ass about “it’s not our beliefs, it’s just the way the site creator is so don’t lump us all in that boat” like excuse me if i don’t think you could refuse to use a website that refuses to be inclusive or create a different community or allow criticism of a community that constantly ostracizes and others the “slash” fans.

there was some little psych ship week thing on here a few years back and one of the friends of the person who was running it created a really shitty graphic for day one in comic sans of shawn and lassiter implying that they were having sex (it was clearly a joke at the expense of shassie shippers) and instead of telling them not to post that shit in the tag designated for the ship week entries? they liked the post and said nothing.

psych was my first real fandom and is still my truest love. i wouldn’t have written or be writing novel-length fic for it if it weren’t. but it’s just. so aggravating to know that a good half of the fandom not only refuses to acknowledge that we exist but feel free to mock us and then turn around and be like “the psych fandom is so great we never have ship wars and there’s no drama : )”

i was so excited when i first really got into it to have a place and a community where i’d be welcomed and invited in to join the fun times. and instead of that there’s this huge divide where it seems like the het fans don’t even want us in the same fucking playground much less sharing the sandbox together.

gross gross gross :(

…I am totally reblogging this so I can glare at inouken 


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"don’t be mad." "why would i be mad? i’m locked in a museum with possibly a violent criminal and probably an angry mummy spirit." 

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psych challenge: [5/5] characters - abigail lytar

"i’m not just a kindergarten teacher who wants to settle down and make a family. i want to…i want to make a difference. i want to inspire people. and i can’t do any of that if i’m dead."

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favorite character meme

» four outfits

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Was Pierre Despereaux really MI6 or the world's greatest art thief?
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psych challenge: (1/5) characters: shawn spencer

You’re highly intelligent, but you’re shameful of that fact, so you play it down with the use of inappropriate behavior, and you live in fear of showing weakness so you hide behind a constant barrage of jokes and sarcasm.”

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